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Welcome to the View Exam Results eService offered by the Department of Examinations.

User can select the required Examination from Results Published Examination list and view Exam results from this service.

The same service is available via GovSMS.

- View Exam Results Procedure

  • Please choose the required examination from Results published examination list.
  • Click on ‘View’ button.
  • Then insert the index number
  • Insert Additional index number (If required)
  • Click on ‘View Results’ button.
  • System will display the Results for the given index number.
  • To print the results, please select ‘Print’ option.
  • Preview of the results sheet will be shown to you.
  • If you wish to print, you can proceed with the print process.

- View Results via SMS Procedure

  • Type,
    • exam {exam code} {index number}
  • Send to 1919

For additional information please read FAQ and instructions in the relevant screens in the service

Welcome to the examination results publishing eService offered by Department of Examinations. Results of all the examinations conducted by Department of Examinations are published thorough this service.

Type exam {exam code} {index number} and send to 1919 to obtain results through sms.

Please select the examination from the list and use the correct index number to obtain your examination results
  • View Grade 5 Scholarship Examination 2023 (After Appeals) : 2023
  • View Limited Competitive Examination for Promotion to Supra Grade Of Management Services Officers' Service - 2019(2023) : 2019
  • View Written Competitive Examination for the Promotion to the Post of Jailor (Class II) / Rehabilitation Officer (Class II) of the Department of Prisons – 2019 (2023) : 2019
  • View Limited Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Post of Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Departmental) Executive Service Category Grade III of the Department of Labour - 2021 (2023) : 2021
  • View G.C.E. (O/L) Examination 2022(2023) : 2022
  • View Mulika Piriven Final Examination - 2022(2023) : 2022
  • View Examinations of The Oriental Studies Society of Sri Lanka - 2022 (2023) (Oriental Pandit Intermediate Examination) : 2022
  • View Limited Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Post of Departmental Assistant Director (District Land Use) Grade III Executive Service Category of Land Use Policy Planning Department - 2018 (2021) : 2018
  • View Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the post of Customer Service Assistant of the People's Bank - 2021(2022) : 2021
  • View Examinations of the Oriental Studies Society of Sri Lanka - 2022(2023) (Oriental Pandit Preliminary Examination) : 2022
  • View Competitive Examination for Enrolment of Special Apprentices in Engineering Sciences for the National Diploma in Engineering Sciences Course (2023 Batch) - 2023 : 2023
  • View G.C.E. (A/L) Examination 2022(2023) (After Rescrutiny) : 2022